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  • AF Learning Professionals "Communities of Practice on "The Air Force Starts Here" pod

    A look at the Air Force Learning Professionals “Communities of Practice” is the focus of the latest episode of "The Air Force Starts Here," released Nov. 2.
  • AF Career Development Academy transforms CDC content, delivery to Airmen

    Using an approach to modernization centered on rapid curriculum development and agile curriculum updates, with an emphasis on tasks that are mission-focused, the effort ties to the people-first approach of Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. CQ Brown, Jr.'s Action Order-A (Airmen) and directly contributes to developing Airmen to ensure they are ready for the future fight.
  • Developing Self: Foundational competencies for all Airmen

    The Air Force has identified 24 Airman’s foundational competencies for all Airmen, these competencies are universally applicable to all Airmen and are categorized into four groups: Developing Self, Developing Others, Developing Ideas and Developing Organizations. Developing Self includes the following foundational competencies: accountability, perseverance, communication, decision making, information seeking, flexibility, resilience, initiative and self-control.
  • ADLS training transitions to “myLearning” in first step for new force development learning management system

    As part of Air Education and Training Command’s efforts to aggressively and cost-effectively modernize education and training, Airmen and Guardians can access the “myLearning” digital platform on the Air Force Portal beginning March 18, with the first phase consisting of a modernized and interactive training platform that allows Airmen to access training modules previously found on the Advanced Distributed Learning Service (ADLS).
  • Air Force Rolls out Coaching Culture Facilitator Course Pilot for Mid-level Leaders

    GS-11 supervisors with 10 years time-in-service along with O-3s and E-7s with two years time-in-grade, can now apply for the online Air Force Coaching Culture Facilitator Course Pilot scheduled to begin in April 2021.
  • Air Force Competencies lay foundation for Airmen success

    In today’s competency-based approach to Force Development, the Air Force will now be able to capture what an Airman “knows and can do” through the newly released Airman’s Foundational Competencies.