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  • The Initial Perception: Recovery Care Coordinators assist with Air Force Wounded Warrior Program

    There are many common sayings that go along with how important the first impression you leave on someone is. No matter the circumstances for someone’s behavior, on any particular day, there is no way to reverse that initial interaction, conversation, attitude, etc. For this reason, and many more, the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program, or AFW2, puts some of their best people as the first stop our warriors interact with.
  • AFW2 behind the scenes: Celebrating the Month of the Military Caregiver

    Who is an AFW2 Caregiver?  An AFW2 Caregiver is a person who provides daily support in some fashion to a wounded, ill or injured Airman in an effort to sustain a healthy, resilient, and rewarding life as they navigate the continuum of care (examples; spouse, mother, father, uncle, aunt, friend, or another close contact of the warrior). 
  • Air Force Wounded Warrior program serves injured and ill Airmen

    No other time than during the current pandemic has the Air Force’s mental health, family advocacy, and other support programs been so important. One program – the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program – has been essential in providing wounded, ill, and injured Airmen a place to turn for assistance.