Benjamin Foulois Cyber Proving Ground

The Benjamin Foulois Cyber Proving Ground is a collaborative effort between Sixteenth Air Force (Air Forces Cyber) and the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center. It enables and supports high performance teams, assembled from the Air Force cyber community and external partners, to rapidly assess the applicability of emerging concepts and technologies to address emergent cyberspace operational challenges.

The CPG focuses on providing timely feedback from Air Force cyberspace operators to developers, acquirers and relevant research efforts. This collaboration, combined with realistic cyberspace environments, provides the development and acquisition communities the opportunity to rapidly understand and respond to current and future needs. By supporting a rapid fielding philosophy, the CPG facilitates research and operations, including the evaluation and expedited acquisition of commercial products to meet the needs of Air Force, Joint and Coalition cyberspace operations.

The CPG will support the full range of cyberspace lines of operation with initial emphasis on Command and Control, Defensive Cyberspace Operations and Offensive Cyberspace Operations.

Mission and Strategy
The CPG identifies, enables and accelerates the fielding of innovative, operationally relevant concepts and technologies found within commercial industry, academic institutions, and government organizations to advance Air Force, joint and coalition cyberspace operations capabilities.

The CPG philosophy is "Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast" with an aim toward small projects, strong partnerships, agile learning, responsive acquisitions and rapid deployment.