• No Margin For Error

    When a plane goes down, an egress seat keeps pilots from going down with it. Ejecting from an egress seat is not something a pilot wants to do, but it is something they have to do in case of an emergency where everything else in an aircraft fails. It is their last chance at survival, and their lives rest on the hands of aircrew egress system specialists.
  • 195th Wing vital to connecting MQ-9, CA firefighters

    The MQ-9 Reaper has been instrumental in fighting the California wildfires, but it is Airmen of the 195th Air National Guard Wing who have been a vital part of fire suppression in California.
  • Beale ISR mission migrates to activated 16th AF Information Warfare NAF

    With the Air Force constantly evolving over 72 years, Beale and its reconnaissance mission is staying relevant with the recent activation of the 16th Air Force Numbered Air Force (NAF), the first of its kind.