• Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey helps civilians voice their opinions

    The Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey will be available for Air Force civilian employees starting Sept.16 until Oct. 28. The FEVS is a government-wide, Office of Personnel Management administered annual survey that Air Force civilian employees have been participating in since 2006. The approximately 100-question survey takes 20-to-30 minutes to complete and is anonymous. The survey includes questions about employees’ work-life, job and organizational satisfaction, commitment, engagement, performance management and communication. It measures employee perceptions of whether their organization is successful.
  • The Essence of the Strategic Competition with China

    U.S. national security strategy and defense policy have come to focus on China as the primary emphasis in the “strategic competition” outlined by recent U.S. strategy documents. Outside government, an avalanche of recent reports and essays lays out the China challenge in sometimes fervent terms, depicting an ideologically threatening revisionist state with malign intentions. As the Financial Times columnist Martin Wolf put it recently, “Across-the-board rivalry with China is becoming an organizing principle of U.S. economic, foreign and security policies.
  • The Evolution of Authoritarian Digital Influence: Grappling with the New Normal

    As the world contends with the wide-ranging ramifications of the global COVID-19 pandemic, it has been simultaneously beset by the global information crisis, which mimics the shape of the pandemic itself in its viral effects across huge segments of the global population.
  • Suicide Prevention Office Launches Campaign for Dealing with Stressors in Relationships

    Research has shown that relationship difficulties are at the heart of many problems in the military, and DOD officials are creating programs for service members and their families to get help.