Col. Craig S. Miller                                                   Col. Lisa Biewer                                   Chief Master Sgt. Robert L. Hopkins

America’s Cryptologic Wing – Our Story

The 70th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Wing with headquarters at Fort George G. Meade, Md., falls under Sixteenth Air Force (also known as the U.S. Air Force’s Information Warfare Numbered Air Force). The 70th ISR Wing conducts global ISR in air, space, and cyberspace.
The wing comprises 6,200 Total Force Airmen assigned to five groups, eighteen squadrons, and two detachments spanning twenty-eight locations worldwide. 70th ISR Wing Roosters predominantly work alongside National Security Agency professionals in support of national intelligence needs and build partnerships across the intelligence community in support of Air Force and Joint Force requirements.   
The 70th ISR Wing mission is to lead cryptologic mission through air, space, and cyberspace to create decision advantage and information warfare options for America. Its priorities are three-fold: 1. People First, Mission Always; 2. Build Enduring Partnerships; 3. Take Pride in America’s Cryptologic Wing. As America’s Cryptologic Wing, Airmen at this wing are leaders and warriors in interagency and Joint Force cryptologic operations, conducting real-time signals intelligence and cybersecurity missions in support of policy-makers, combatant commanders, Joint Force Air Component Commanders, and warfighters across the globe. The wing also provides installation support services to more than 10,000 Airmen and dependents assigned to Fort Meade.   
Organized along four lines of effort – those being People, Partnerships, Mission, and Culture – the 70th ISR Wing aspires to develop Airmen who are resilient and tactically-brilliant Joint Force cryptologic warriors. As well, it partners across a multi-agency and joint service global network in order to match the pace of modern warfare and great power competition in ever-demanding and increasingly-contested environments – in times of peace and war. 70th ISR Wing Roosters push forward cryptologic mission, securing U.S. National Security Systems and critical infrastructure in order to generate deep insights into foreign adversaries. In doing so, our Airmen deliver the distinct advantage of timely, high-quality intelligence that enables strategy, operational art, and tactics, all the while denying our opponents the same. It is thanks to these vigilant, bold, bright, critical-thinking Airmen with a bias for action that our Nation is well-guarded and prepared for whatever lies ahead. 
The 70th ISR Wing has a rich history dating back to when it was first established as the 70th Observation Group in 1941. Since then, it has had several mission and name changes to include the 70th Reconnaissance Group, 70th Tactical Reconnaissance Group, 70th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, and 70th Bombardment Wing. Officially, the 70th ISR Wing was activated on Aug. 16, 2000. Groups subordinate to the 70th ISR Wing are: 373d ISR Group, 543d ISR Group, 659th ISR Group, 691st ISR Group, and the 707th ISR Group.
As 70th ISR Wing Roosters say:  “Fight’s On!”

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