668th ALIS overcomes obstacles; "On the Road Again"

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  • By 668th Alteration and Installation Squadron
  • 668th Alteration and Installation Squadron
Amidst the pandemic, the 668th Alteration and Installation Squadron of the 543rd Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group has rapidly evolved in an innovative way to maximize teleworking and remote solutions.  When mission calls, however, the Roadrunners of America’s Cryptologic Wing remain ready to ‘hit-the-Road’ to answer that call. 
Earlier this year, after the DoD-wide Stop Movement was imposed, the 668 ALIS mostly remained in garrison, conducting training while also building out a “Zero-Day” plan.  This “Zero-Day” plan re-prioritizes the project flow and best assesses how to support customers on “day Zero,” as soon as travel to respective destinations are green-lighted.
The unit secured an Exception-to-Policy to travel and continue fulfilling mission requirements.   Twenty-six Roadrunners were sent to install $530K worth of materials and communication equipment – in direct support of U.S. Cyber Command priorities.  This massive project scheduled to span 110 days,   will contribute to just-in-time National Defense Strategy objectives.
 “Impressively, our Roadrunners certainly live up to the motto of ‘On-The-Road Again’ traveling the globe, averaging over 7,000 collective days TDY each year,” said Lt. Col. Peter Nazarechuk, 668 ALIS commander.  “Yet, not surprisingly, the ALIS mission has been significantly impacted by the recent COVID-19 pandemic.” 
Nazarechuk says he is proud of the important work the Roadrunners accomplish each and every day. Particularly in how the Roadrunner team has risen to creatively address the challenges in this new environment.  Due to their great teamwork, the ALIS is postured to not only execute their significant mission, but to do so safely and smartly.
The ALIS is a one-of-a-kind selectively manned unit responsible for engineering, constructing, and installing both information systems and sensitive compartmented facilities around the world.   Collectively, the Roadrunners pride themselves on being the preeminent experts in sensitive compartmented facility design standards with the ability to provide an array of services.
Known as the “Roadrunners,” the unit is primarily composed of civil engineer, communications, and logistics competencies spread across 22 diverse specialties.