JBSA Security Forces install base access kiosks to enhance social distancing efforts

  • Published
  • By John E. Gutierrez
  • 502nd Security Forces Group, JBSA Access Control and Foreign Disclosure Manager

COVID-19 has reshaped many of our day-to-day processes.  Joint Base San Antonio Security Forces have responded to these changes to provide social distancing in the way they are processing customers through their JBSA-Visitor Control Centers, or VCCs.

On a combined average across JBSA, the Visitor Control Centers process 21,640 customers per month, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to this, the 502nd Security Forces Group has installed new kiosks that will further reduce the health risks during customer check-in when requesting base access.  

The check-in process is very similar to the process at the JBSA pharmacies or the ID card offices around JBSA that are currently using a similar kiosk.  The new 502nd SFG customer service kiosks will take this to next level, allowing customers the ability to check-in from their phone or pre-enroll from their computer.  

Some customers already use this type of check-in process at local customer service stores in the community. The new kiosks will allow customers to check-in on one of the three new platforms. 

The first platform would be the standard method of visiting the VCCs in-person to check-in at the kiosk.  The second platform is a pre-enrollment website where customers would submit their information prior to coming into the VCCs.  The third platform is the ability to enroll on the customer’s cell phone.  

By utilizing any of the three platforms, customers will be placed in a queue for their turn to be serviced which will expedite the process giving customers a better customer service experience.

Even for customers that may not have a cell phone, Security Forces have also invested in a pager system very similar to the ones used at local restaurants that notify you when your table is ready.

The intent of the kiosk and pager system is to minimize the number of customers in the VCCs and to allow customers to wait outside in the comfort of their vehicles until they are called to be serviced by being messaged on their cell phone or notified on the pager device.  

Website links are posted below and will be posted on the JBSA.mil website that will give people information on the pre-enrollment website where they can further reduce their wait time by entering in vital information that assists in producing a base access pass.  

The 502nd SFG looks to provide the best possible customer service experience while adhering to social distancing practices during this pandemic.

The URLs for each kiosk at the VCC locations are:
JBSA-Lackland Luke East - http://eipublisher2.evogence.com/short_url/?8odkDx12
JBSA-Lackland Valley Hi - http://eipublisher2.evogence.com/short_url/?T9zZgf10
JBSA-Fort Sam Houston Hospital BAMC - http://eipublisher2.evogence.com/short_url/?GVYCdr25
JBSA-Fort Sam Houston Walters Street - http://eipublisher2.evogence.com/short_url/?HqO17923
JBSA-Randolph - http://eipublisher2.evogence.com/short_url/?7vO5TN27

The QR codes for each location are:

JBSA-Lackland Luke East VCC Kiosk QR Code

JBSA-Lackland Valley High VCC Kiosk QR Code

JBSA-Fort Sam Houston I-35 VCC Kiosk QR Code

JBSA-Fort Sam Houston Walters VCC Kiosk QR Code

JBSA-Randolph VCC Kiosk QR Code