Legal offices provide claims guidance following winter storm

  • Published
  • By Erinn Burgess
  • 502nd Air Base Wing Public Affairs

Joint Base San Antonio legal offices are providing claims guidance following the weeklong winter storm that brought snow and sustained freezing temperatures to Texas beginning Feb. 14.

The claims service centers and legal offices are available to provide support, information and resources to individuals that may have experienced damage to their personal property due to the recent winter storm, said Lt. Col. Satura Gabriel, 502nd Force Support Group Staff Judge Advocate. 

Those who suffered loss or damage may file a claim with the government if:

  1. The property was located on base or in government assigned quarters when it was damaged (to include privatized housing located on the installation); and
  2. The individual is a proper claimant under the Military Personnel and Civilian Employees Claims Act (active duty member, reservist on active duty orders or federal employee).

Contractors should file claims with their private insurers.

Before filing a claim with the government, claimants must first file with their private insurance companies. In general, claimants will need to provide:

  • Proof of assignment to JBSA,
  • A repair estimate, and
  • Replacement cost for lost or damaged items.

The legal office also recommends including pictures of the loss or damage.

Loss of food due to power outages may also be covered. Individuals will need to provide:

  • Proof of assignment to JBSA,
  • Photos of the items you believe to be spoiled,
  • Any recent receipts from the commissary or grocery store, and
  • Renter’s insurance information.

If base housing residents do not have their own renter’s insurance policy, any items which can be repaired or cleaned must first be attempted by a firm qualified to repair. If an item cannot be repaired, then replacement is warranted. Before proceeding with any repairs, base legal recommends contacting the appropriate claims service center.

Individuals who do not live on base but suffered loss or damage to personal property on the installation may be eligible to file a claim if the damage occurred incident to military service or employment. Claimants will need to provide the following:

  1. Proof of ownership (for a privately owned vehicle, your title/registration);
  2. Copy of the contract for RV or lemon lot, as applicable;
  3. Proof of insurance, as applicable;
  4. Repair estimate; and
  5. Replacement cost.

Claims filing is completed online via the claims service center for each respective branch.

“Any of the base legal offices across JBSA can answer basic questions that claimants have regarding the claims process, and if any unique issues arise, the legal office can help ensure the matter is elevated to the appropriate point of contact within the Claims Service Center,” Gabriel said. 

The claims service centers for each branch are as follows:

Air Force:
Phone: 877-754-1212

Phone: 502-626-3000

Navy and Marine Corps:
Phone: 888-897-8217