690 ISS First Sergeant implements holistic health in the work place

  • Published
  • By Nadine Wiley De Moura, 688th Cyberspace Wing Public Affairs
  • 688th Cyberspace Wing
“Working in SCIFS isn’t always the most fun,” said 1st Sgt. Matthew Hernandez, of the 690th Intelligence Support Squadron. “Lack of phones and natural light can wear on people. Additionally, too much blue light--caused by fluorescent lights-- can affect a person’s natural rhythm.”
Hernandez led the initiative to install 30 Octo lights in his Squadron’s work space. He collaborated with his commander and the 688th Cyberspace Wing Religious Support Team in order to use quality of life funds to bring the lights to his Squadron.
Hernandez, an 18-year veteran and a security forces Airman by trade, said that he is used to working outside and recognizes the impact that the work environment can have on mental health.
“Instead of just preaching mental health, I thought a physical reminder would be better for people,” said Hernandez.
“The lights represent a holistic approach, they show that we care take an interest in their work stations. Mental health is just as important as physical health.”

Also, studies show it works and that florescent bulbs aren’t the greatest, Hernandez added.

“People often associate the first shirt with paperwork and operational stuff but it all comes back to readiness,” Hernandez said. “The first sergeant is the only ASFC whose mandate is to makes sure force is ready. Mental health is one of the pillars we must attack and make sure people are ready to work.”