688th Cyberspace Systems Support team utilizes selflessness to win Team of the Quarter Award

  • Published
  • By U.S. Air Force Tre Davis
  • 688TH Cyberspace Wing
SAN ANTONIO – The 688th Cyberspace Wing Systems Support team celebrated the acquisition of the 688th Cyberspace Wing, Large Team of Quarter award on July 30, 2021 in San Antonio, Texas.

The team received recognition for demonstrating stellar IT networking, establishing Personal Wireless Communication Systems for mobile devices, managing IT equipment, and providing software licensing to support the 688th Cyberspace Wing mission.

Along with their celebration, the team also gathered to wish their IT Requirement Supervisor, Tech Sgt. James Swanson, farewell.

Swanson, who has been stationed at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland for five years, felt appreciative for the networks he was able to establish and the accolades he and his team were able to amass.

“The exposure [the 688th Cyberspace Wing Systems Support team] gave me translates to the tools I now have access to,” said Swanson. “I am going to use what I learned to help instruct and support those at my next duty station.”

Swanson’s sentiments reflect the overall culture Chief of Cyberspace Systems Support, Jay Simmons, instills into the workplace.

“Our culture is mission accomplishment and customer support,” said Simmons. “The team gives one-hundred percent every day to ensure support gets to the warfighter in a timely manner.”

Simmons oversees 22 members and believes sometimes their continuous support to the Air Force is often overlooked by some of the daily duties they perform.

The team’s mission is to provide IT support, information assurance, IT data acquisition, ensuring mobile device efficiency and software license management to the 688th Cyberspace Wing.

Despite the obligations designated to the 688th Cyberspace Wing Systems Support team, many of the personnel have internalized the selfless moniker and hardly look for any recognition in return.

“I take pride in knowing my job is making people lives easier,” said Aaron Cram, SharePoint Developer for the 688th Cyberspace Wing System Support team.

Simmons looks to continue instilling a culture of selflessness and hard work throughout the 688th Cyberspace Systems Support team. He remains hopeful for their continued success.

“They don’t need a pat on the back but they appreciate it, anybody would,” said Simmons. “I’m glad they got it and I’m very proud of them. I look forward to them winning more in the future.”