75th IS reactivated, enhancing Cyber Operations and National Security

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Kevin Iinuma
  • 70th ISRW Public Affairs
The 75th Intelligence Squadron has been reactivated Aug. 7, 2023, under the 659th Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Group. The decision, outlined in a special order, signifies a strategic move to strengthen cyber operations and enhance national security.
The 75th IS can trace its lineage back to its establishment as the 75th Radio Squadron, Mobile, Feb. 26, 1953. Despite facing periods of inactivity and dissolution, its proud heritage was revitalized upon its redesignation as the 75 Intelligence Squadron, July 14, 2015. Nevertheless, it was subsequently deactivated Sept. 18, 2020, as part of a broader realignment undertaken by the 16th Air Force.
"Cybersecurity lies at the heart of establishing trustworthy communications, which in turn are the bedrock of our democracy, military prowess, and personal freedoms," said U.S. Air Force Capt. Corey Green, 75th IS nuclear command and control strategic systems and cybersecurity military lead. "Both the 659th ISRG and the 7th IS recognized the significance of reinforcing our commitment to this noble cause and advocated for the establishment of the 75th IS, enabling us to concentrate our efforts on 'Guarding the Pack and Dominating Cyberspace.'"
The personnel that encompass the 75th IS come almost exclusively from the 7th IS, as the squadron was becoming too large. The 7th IS worked with the 70th ISRW to re-align its personnel in order to have a more consolidated and concise mission focus. Following thorough deliberations, the decision was made to reactivate the 75th IS, reinvigorating its legacy, a move aligned with the dynamic nature of intelligence operations and cyber warfare.
"The activation is much needed,” said U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. David Rodney, 7th IS flight chief. “The previous squadron was simply too large and spread out. Having a smaller and more concise mission focus will help Airmen and leaders better understand the mission and be able to support the personal and professional development of its force."
The reactivation of the 75th IS closely follows the successful revival of the 41st IS under the 691st ISR Group the previous year, illustrating the Air Force's dedication to adaptability and readiness in confronting emerging security challenges within the digital sphere.
This rejuvenated unit will persist in deploying cutting-edge intelligence techniques, harnessing advanced technologies, and diligently safeguarding national interests in the realm of cyber warfare.
"I expect it to be business as usual. It’s not the first time that a unit has realigned or reactivated, and the 75th is going to be with individuals who have already been working together for years anyway,” said Rodney. “I anticipate more unit involvement within the partnerships at the [National Security] Agency, and for ways that our Squadron can pursue our new identity!"
The revival of the 75th IS within the 659th ISR Group is anticipated to optimize operational efficacy and cultivate a collaborative milieu for the exchange of expertise and best practices. The 659th ISR Group, is poised to supply the requisite support and resources, ensuring triumph in the squadron's vital mission.
"There were definitely challenges, but none that were insurmountable,” said Green. “We had the pleasure of working with the 659ISRG and 7IS command teams, and they provided invaluable guidance and direction on certain steps or actions to take and empowered us to be able to take reign on the activation. Being trusted to take on this big of a task and having the backing of the squadron and group helped us overcome any and all challenges we encountered."
The reactivation of the 75th IS not only heralds a fresh chapter for the squadron, but also embodies a broader paradigm shift in the execution of intelligence operations. As technology advances at an accelerated pace, this will play an indispensable role in countering cyber threats and ensuring the safety and security of the United States.