319th Reconnaissance Wing recognizes superior performers

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  • By Master Sgt. BreeAnn Sachs
  • 319th Reconnaissance Wing

The 319th Reconnaissance Wing held a recognition ceremony for Airmen supporting multiple large-scale events and distinguished visitor tours in the months of September and October, and superior performers identified in the Wing’s Unit Effectiveness Inspection capstone.

Fifty-seven Airmen organized and enabled an Air Force ball, two Wing-wide all calls and the Year End Training Initiative, a base cleanup resulting in the removal of 151 tons of trash, simultaneous visits from the Chief of Space Operations and Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force and the relocation of the Wing headquarters building while preparing for a UEI. These events took place between Sept. 29 and Oct. 16, and were concurrent with the deployment of over 100 Airmen supporting Air Force Force Generation cycle 24.1.

“This does not come easy, it does not come without time, and it does not come without a heart,” said U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Kathleen May, 319th Medical Group senior enlisted leader. “Thank you for giving a little extra piece of you during on your daily work and ensuring all of these things went off without a hitch. It’s a testament to who you are as airmen, ‘big A’ Airmen, and who we are as a team of Griffins.”

The approximately 2,200 active duty Airmen of the 319th RW are referred to as ‘Griffins,’ a nod to the Wing’s mascot representing different aspects of the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance mission. Many of the Airmen at Grand Forks AFB are considered deployed-in-place as they support global operations in various Combatant Commands across the globe through the RQ-4 Global Hawk Block 40 mission.

Additionally, the 319th Communications Squadron operates one of two High Frequency Global Communication System control sites that monitors communication signals globally. HFGCS signals transmit Emergency Action Messages and critical information for the entire Department of Defense, and senior leaders to include the President of the Untied States.

“We now start to pivot our attention back to two very important things number one is global operations and number two is mission readiness,” said U.S. Air Force Col. Timothy Monroe, 319th RW commander. “There are a lot of critical things that are actively supporting operations in the Pacific theater and moreover actively supporting operations that you see unfolding in the middle east right now; those things are happening from this installation or from our geographically separated units.”

Grand Forks AFB’s 319th Operations Group oversees the 348th Reconnaissance Squadron and approximately 200 permanent-party Airmen assigned to the 7th Reconnaissance Squadron at Naval Air Station, Sigonella and the 4th Reconnaissance Squadron at Anderson Air Base, Guam or Yokota Air Base, Japan, depending on the time of year. The pilots and sensor operators of the 319th OG also deploy on rotation to the 7th RS and 4th RS to conduct launch and recovery operations before transferring control of the RQ-4 to 348th RS aircrew teams at Grand Forks AFB.

The missions of the HFGCS and RQ-4 run 24-hours a day, seven days a week, rain or shine -- blizzard or clear skies. These missions wouldn’t be possible without the support personnel, many of which also operate around-the-clock, to provide base security; infrastructure; communications; medical care; morale, welfare and recreation and other essential functions.

Monroe thanked the 57 Airmen who enabled both the 24-7 mission of Grand Forks AFB and the large-scale events tailored to bringing the Wing together, improving the morale and welfare of the base community and strengthening the base population’s social domain of resilience.  

“As we step into the holidays, we certainly have our heartfelt wishes for a happy holiday season, but I also need you to stay lockstep with one another. Focus on the things that matter, the things that keep us bound together and right now that’s to continue to project power from this installation and do right by our nation with the missions we’ve been entrusted with,” said Monroe.

Congratulations to our UEI superior performers and the 57 Griffins who put forth extra time and energy in addition to supporting the diverse and essential missions of the 319th RW!

Wing headquarters relocation and base-wide clean-up:

Staff Sgt. Jonathan Weaver, 319th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Senior Airman Arrick Rodgers, 319th LRS
Senior Airman David Heykoop, 319th LRS
Airman 1st Class Cloe McNicholas, 319th LRS
Airman 1st Class Kiana Mary Luces, 319th LRS
Airman 1st Class Declan Tighe, 319th LRS
Airman Ryan Cimino, 319th LRS

Wing All-Calls and Year End Training Initiative:

Master Sgt. Jonathan Marshik, 319th Security Forces Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Eric Kanning, 319th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Staff Sgt. Richard Coffman, 319th LRS
Staff Sgt. Allison Whittle, 319th Reconnaissance Wing
Senior Airman Tavi Efron, 319th RW
Airman 1st Class Jadrien Thomas, 319th AMXS

76th Air Force Ball:

Capt. Vaughn Pyne, 319th AMXS
2nd Lt. Carlos Leenen, 319th Medical Group
1st Lt. Dominic Angelo, 319th Civil Engineer Squadron
Senior Master Sgt. Joshua Jacob, 319th AMXS
Tech. Sgt. Lelani Puga, 319th MDG
Tech. Sgt. Nadima Southworth, 319th MDG
Tech. Sgt. Holly Carr, 319th Force Support Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Yanette Mayorga, 319th MDG
Tech. Sgt. Derrick Sherwood, 319th AMXS
Tech. Sgt. Terrence Kitchen, 319th Communications Squadron
Staff Sgt. Patrick Norindr, 319th MDG
Senior Airman Samantha Duckett, 319th MDG
Senior Airman Emangelyn Wilkins, 319th MDG
Erica Claus-Numsali, 319th FSS

Public Affairs:

Senior Airman Roxanne Belovarac, 319th RW
Airman 1st Class Raisa Christie, 319th RW
Airman 1st Class Colin Perkins, 319th RW
Airman 1st Class Anthony Nunez-Pellicer, 319th RW

Chief of Space Operations and Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force visits:

Lt. Col. David Hind, 319th RW
Lt. Col. Susan Martin, A3
Maj. Matthew Cole, 319th SFS
Capt. Jeff Powell, A5
Capt. Gerado Solano, 319th RW
Master Sgt. BreeAnn Sachs, 319th RW
Tech. Sgt. Tara Barnett, 319th Mission Support Group
Tech. Sgt. Manuel Jordan, 319th RW
Tech. Sgt. Megan Romo, 319th SFS
Staff Sgt. Nicholas Hames, 319th RW
Senior Airman Alberto Ornelas-Ibarra, 319th LRS
Senior Airman Tyler Paas, 319th LRS
Lea Greene, 319th RW
Janet Nelson, 319th RW
Susan Grollimund, 319th FSS

Unit Effectiveness Inspection committee:

Lt. Col. Tony Dorazio, 319th RW
Maj. Steven Hargett, 348th Reconnaissance Squadron
Capt. Scott Weiss, 319th CES
Senior Master Sgt. Craig Clouatre, 319th RW
Senior Master Sgt. Tabatha Lugo, 319th RW
Master Sgt. John Paulo De Castro, 319th FSS
Tech. Sgt. Zachary Stratton, 319th RW
Robert Zafke, 319th RW
Thomas Ruud, 319th RW
Shawn Leach, 319th RW

UEI superior performers from the 319th Operations Group:

Maj. Stephen Hargett
Capt. Christopher Ingram
Capt. Matthew Swindler
1st Lt. Amber Estes
Master Sgt. Anthony De La Cruz
Tech. Sgt. David Pankonen
Tech. Sgt. Moana Waqa
Staff Sgt. Robert LaFlamme
Staff Sgt. Riley McAuliffe
Staff Sgt. Joshua Paul
Airman 1st Class Rahman Thompson

UEI superior performers from the 319th MSG:

Capt. Scott Weiss
Master Sgt. John Paolo De Castro
Master Sgt. Patrick Van Winkle
Tech. Sgt. Nicholas Cameron
Staff Sgt. Zachariah Ricker
Staff Sgt. Ciarra Robinson
Staff Sgt. Jordyn Rodriguez
Staff Sgt. Eric Steidle
Senior Airman Patrick Corcoran
Senior Airman Tavi Effron
Senior Airman Luke Gibson
Senior Airman Monette Isampayu
Senior Airman Edward Jones
Senior Airman Roger Kusiamponsah
Senior Airman Aaron Lemay
Senior Airman Terence Phillips III
Senior Airman Shane Porter
Senior Airman George Price
Senior Airman Arrick Rogers
Senior Airman Zachary Vanoss
Senior Airman Ian Wathen
Senior Airman Brady Westerhouse
Airman 1st Class Everzon Armitanio
Airman 1st Class Keifer Gogo
Airman 1st Class Tylor Hazel
Airman 1st Class Alexander Koch
Airman 1st Class Payton Gooden
Airman 1st Class Amadou Ly
Airman 1st Class Daniel Munn
Airman 1st Class Paolo Nassetta
Airman 1st Class Logan Rud
Airman 1st Class Luis Torres
Airman 1st Class Kristopher Verastegui
Airman 1st Class David Young Jr.
Airman Andrew Cocova
Airman Jayden Delpesche
Airman Ryan Eberhardt
Airman Tyrell Phillips
Airman Quentin Racheu
Master Sgt. Jonathan Marshik
Master Sgt. Brandon McKinney
Tech. Sgt. Andrew Gaca
Tech. Sgt. Benjamin Gepford
Tech. Sgt. Ryan Peterson
Tech. Sgt. Tyler Prete
Staff Sgt. Louis Cliffton
Staff Sgt. Brooke Himer
Staff Sgt. Marcus McCormick
Staff Sgt. Erick Santillan
Senior Airman Flor Lynn Allado
Senior Airman George Faison
Senior Airman Jerry Hunter
Senior Airman Joey Pierre
Airman 1st Class Juan Lopez Sanchez
Airman 1st Class Jairo Morales
Jeri Anderson
Jhanica De Castro
Kelly Painter
Stacey Pietron
David Schultheis
Bryan Williams

UEI superior performers from the Wing Staff Agencies:

Lt. Col. Anthony Dorazio
Kevin Blumhagen
David Faber

UEI superior performance teams:

319th Operations Group
Inspector General Office
Wing Cybersecurity Team
Force Management Team
Manpower & Organization Office
Security Forces K-9 Kennels Section
Security Forces Combat Arms Training and Maintenance Section
Unaccompanied Housing Team