70th ISRW Airmen engage in Resolute Hunter 24-1 for joint ISR enhancement

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Kevin Iinuma
  • 70th ISRW Public Affairs
Airmen from the 70th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing actively engaged with joint and coalition partners at Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada, Oct. 30 - Nov. 16, 2023, for Exercise Resolute Hunter 24-1.

This biannual exercise provided the wing an opportunity to work with mission partners in delivering the right training at the right time, improving battle management; command and control; ISR integration and readiness across the Department of Defense and with our coalition partners.

“The wing takes this exercise as an opportunity to expose their Airmen to operational ISR collection methods and a deployed environment, as well as participating in a joint-service objective,” said U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Logan Prevette, 70th ISRW military exercise program manager.

Resolute Hunter had 450 participants, which included 45 Airmen from the wing that exercised integration to expose and overcome gaps within a joint operating environment, in-turn protecting critical assets and information.

They operated as red and blue forces to test the capabilities of different ISR assets to detect, deter, and target adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures.
“During the exercise, red forces emulated as an opposing force, establishing a forward operating post in the Nevada desert, setting up equipment and projecting signals,” said Prevette. “While blue forces attempted to locate, collect, break and utilize these signals, testing their ability to utilize ISR capabilities in an operational capacity.”

Prevette emphasized how the educational aspect provided valuable exposure to operational ISR collection methods and a deployed environment experience.

"The 70th ISRW personnel participated in two ways: gaining experience with understanding their role in the find, fix, track and target process to support fires through engagement and assessment; and understanding of how a thinking adversary operates by being one,” said U.S. Navy Lt. Ryan Wonser, Maritime ISR Weapons School weapons and tactics instructor, NAS Fallon.

Resolute Hunter, now in its 8th iteration since 2019, has witnessed continued growth in scale, reflecting an increasing demand for participation. The exercise utilizes a wide range of platforms, including aircraft such as the E-3G Airborne Warning and Control System, RQ-4BLK40 Global Hawk, and MQ-9 Reaper to track signals produced during the exercise.

With any exercise, challenges may arise in different forms. According to Wonser, learning to operate the various communications equipment and land navigation skills were some of the challenges.

"We have provided the necessary training to each task that was given,” stated Wonser. “From field training to simulators in helping motivate the Airmen to overcome these obstacles.”

Wonser also mentioned, the teams have tackled all the opportunities with a positive attitude and a desire to get as much out of the exercise as possible.

“It’s definitely a good opportunity for our wing members to participate in these exercises,” Prevette added. “It gives them a glance at what the potential expectation for a deployed environment is like, as well as during the academic section, giving them an opportunity to engage with other parts of the ISR spectrum.”

Resolute Hunter iterations are customized based on ongoing world events, emphasizing the essential skillsets needed at the core of these exercises. Just like combat, the ability to succeed is only possible when working as a cohesive team between intelligence and operations functions across the joint and coalition force.