16th Air Force hosts Beale Military Liaison Council

  • Published
  • By Matthew McGovern
Sixteenth Air Force hosted the Beale Military Liaison Council to reinforce partnerships and afford the council a deeper understanding of the Information Warfare Numbered Air Force’s mission, April 3-4.

Fourteen council members met with 16th Air Force leaders to learn about 16th Air Force cyber capabilities and quality-of-life initiatives for Airmen assigned at Beale Air Force Base. 
The group also learned about the broader JBSA missions receiving a first-hand look at pilot training, security forces, and basic military training, gaining a greater understanding of the U.S. Air Force.
“Resilience through partnerships is imperative to Sixteenth Air Force lines of effort,” said Maj. Gen. Thomas Hensley, 16th Air Force (Air Forces Cyber) deputy commander. “Our adversaries are using mis- and disinformation to shape the global environment and stealing valuable intellectual property from private companies and academia, sharing information in a forum such as this helps every Sixteenth Air Force unit grow readiness and increase combat effectiveness.”