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DoD CIO launches new cloud computing services for Air Force teleworkers

  • Published
  • By Sharon Singleton
  • Sixteenth Air Force
When telework first expanded to support the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately ten thousand users accessed available systems worldwide. As social distancing increased telework requirements, more than one hundred thousand teleworkers accessed the network. This huge increase led to slow and spotty connectivity, and unreliable virtual private network access for some users.

In response to the increased demand for telework capabilities, the DoD Chief Information Officer Cloud Computing Program Office is deploying the Commercial Virtual Remote (CVR) Environment starting early April 2020.


The CVR Environment provides DoD teleworkers Microsoft Office 365 to facilitate continuity of operations. The CVR Environment consists of content generation and collaboration tools including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams integrated with Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage capability.

CVR Environment Key Highlights: