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Mission Modernization Office (M2O) Ready for Multi-Cloud Customers

  • Published
  • By Capt. Hayden J. Djuric
The 16th Air Force’s (Air Forces Cyber) Mission Modernization Office is one of 17 agencies charged with acting as a broker for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance units and programs working to migrate to the cloud via services provided by the Central Intelligence Agency as a part of the Intelligence Community multi-cloud contract Commercial Cloud Enterprise.

This new multi-cloud contract will bring together world-class cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Oracle, their unique capabilities, and have a 15-year period of performance. The cloud service providers will compete for task orders at various levels of classification, up to top-secret.

“As the Air Force begins to migrate and modernize their programs, M2O is working to provide a streamlined, transparent process for accelerating the Air Force ISR communities’ ability to access commercial cloud services for all classifications,” says, Jim Rose, Branch Chief, M2O.

The C2E contract will give M2O the ability to provide a competitive environment for Air Force IC/ISR units to leverage multi-cloud and multi-classification environments to smartly migrate and modernize their networks and applications. By using a cloud service broker like M2O, units are able to get on contract with a cloud service provider rapidly, while inheriting security controls and at reduced resource utilization rates and cost.

M2O is able to provide these cloud infrastructures by providing business operations support, security engineering, and cloud engineering. Business operations support manages potential customers as they prepare to acquire a task order for cloud services with project management and requirements analysis as well as manage financial services as it relates to budgeting and cloud services. Security engineering ensures a secure cloud infrastructure through maintaining inherited security controls for all customers and managing infrastructure security services. Lastly, cloud engineering provides specific technical customer support with issues as well as initially deploying the customer’s cloud environment.

“M2O, the Air Force IC/ISR community, and our partnered cloud providers intend to continue to bring new service offerings and capabilities to customers that will increase the scalability, elasticity, automation, security, and on-demand compute capabilities for the enterprise,” says Rose.

If you’re interested in contacting the Mission Modernization Office to learn more, email the M2O organizational box  at or check out their official CAC-enabled webpage at