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ACC Commander visits Air Force's premier Information Warfare Numbered Air Force

  • Published
  • By Matthew McGovern
  • 16 Air Force
Gen. Mark Kelly, commander of Air Combat Command, visited here, Wednesday.

The goal of the trip was to show support for 16th Air Force Airmen and civilians while promoting readiness and alignment throughout the information warfare mission.
During his visit, Kelly toured the 688th and 67th Cyberspace Wings along with Command Chief Master Sgt. John Storms, ACC, to showcase the wing’s intelligence and cyber operations missions.

“I’m a firm believer that there’s a lot to be said about moving from kinetic to non-kinetic,” said Kelly. “Our Airmen truly get us from analog to digital. You guys will be the ones to take us down that path.” 

Lt. Gen. Kevin Kennedy, commander of Sixteenth Air Force, accompanied Kelly for portions of his visit highlighting outstanding 16th Air Force Airmen.
“I’m honored to serve with high-performing Airmen whose understanding of the information environment and their ability to generate outcomes has never been more relevant,” said Kennedy. “The dynamic nature of the information environment and the ability to expose malign and malicious activity by our adversaries is vital to our Nation’s success in competition. Ready, empowered Airmen are the foundation of that success.”
ACC leadership also visited Defensive Cyberspace Operations, Offensive Cyberspace Operations, Hunt Forward Operations, and Joint Mission Operations Center receiving updates on mission developments.

Kelly said 16th Air Force Airmen are fulfilling Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall’s seventh operational imperative; readiness of the Department of the Air Force to transition to a wartime posture against a peer competitor.

“What they’re doing for our allies and partners is nothing less than miraculous. And they do so better than anybody on planet Earth,” Kelly said. “The Airmen’s energy and intellect is remarkable.”

Kelly recognized the following outstanding performers with command coins:

688th CW
Master Sgt. Travis Lewis, 688th CW, Future Cyber Operations superintendent
Master Sgt. Danielle Loomis, 688th CW, Network Operations Cell section chief
Tech. Sgt. Mackenzie Olage, 688th CW, Operations Support non-commissioned officer in charge
Staff Sgt. Eric Marshall, 688th CW, CONUS Systems NCOIC
Staff Sgt. Wyatt Clevenger, 688th CW, Occupational Safety NCOIC

67th CW
Capt. Zachary Munoz, 567th CW, Cyberspace Operations Group Standardization and Evaluation (under 67th CW)
Capt. Matthew Chavez, 833rd Cyberspace Operations Squadron Weapons and Tactics flight commander (under 67th CW)
1st Lt. Tiffany Easter, 23rd Intelligence Squadron deputy flight command (under 67th CW)
1st Lt. Xiaoyang Wu, 367th COS Watch Officer (under 67th CW)
Master Sgt. Jeremy Kinkade, 318th COS first sergeant (under 67th CW)