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  • Lieutenant Wu blazes diverse trail

    1st Lt. Xiaoyang Wu‘s arduous journey started 30 years ago in Shenzhen, the fifth most populated city in China.“China is a country with almost 1.7 billion people, and growing up, we were taught if you weren’t number one essentially you were nothing,” said Wu. “We started education super early, and I

  • 2023 Bataan Death March, memorial and inspiration

    After the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1942, Japanese forces invaded the Philippines. Due to exposure to the elements, disease, and lack of necessary supplies, tens of thousands of U.S and Filipino soldiers on the Bataan Peninsula in the Philippines were forced to surrender after seven months and were

  • 16th Air Force headquarters welcomes new four-legged wingman

    Suicide, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder … these are all challenges that the workforce deals with daily and affects the Total Force.  16th Air Force knows the best way to accomplish the mission is to keep the backbone of the unit strong and support the team through resiliency

  • Keesler hosts first Military Women's Summit

    The Mississippi Veterans Affairs’ 2021 Military Women’s Summit was held on Keesler for the first time March 25 and 26, at the Bay Breeze Event Center.Various leaders across the Air Force spoke on many topics with the goal of supporting a diverse and inclusive force to an audience consisting of men

  • Spirituality: Chaplains play important role in overall fitness

    Service members’ personal beliefs and practices help strengthen their ties to hope, meaning, and purpose. Such ideological and spiritual forces play an extremely important role in Total Force Fitness and the ability to persist when confronting adverse situations.

  • New active threat training mandatory at JBSA

    Can training save your life? Brig. Gen Caroline Miller thinks so, and as a testament to that, signed an operation order in November 2020 directing significant changes to active attack training, sometimes called active shooter training, requirements for members of Joint Base San Antonio.