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Video by Manuel Garcia
16AF Recognizes Women's Equality, Women's Rights in the U.S.
Aug. 1, 2023 | 0:35
Women's Equality Day is celebrated on August 26th each year to commemorate the adoption of the 19thAmendment to the United States Constitution, which granted women the right to vote and paved the way for more equality. Presently, women of 16th Air Force (Air Forces Cyber) are making their mark in careers such as: pilots, maintainers, cyber, space, Information Warfare, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, public affairs, commanders action group, Foreign Area Officer, Executive Officer, finance, aircraft maintenance, communications and logistics. We continue to celebrate the progress women have made from the past, to the present and into the future! Here at 16th Air Force #WeCan and we will

Women's Equality has made incredible strides over the years, and throughout the next week, 16th Air Force is highlighting this progress. We continue to strive for equality and will continue to celebrate the incredible progress they've made! #WECan #16AFWomensEquality Keep breaking those barriers, reaching for the stars and showing #WECan! #16AFWomensEquality

We have achieved so much in the journey towards women's equality, and there's still more to do! 16th Air Force continues to celebrate the progress we've made and continues to empower each other to reach new heights. Together, #WECan achieve anything!