New processes happening at AFW2

  • Published
  • By Shannon Hall
  • Air Force Wounded Warrior Program

The Air Force Wounded Warrior, or AFW2, Program at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph is always looking for new ways to keep up with the world, expand and improve current processes to ensure they meet the needs of their warriors and caregivers.

For this reason, a new form has been implemented to allow warriors, and caregivers, an opportunity to let AFW2 staff know what they need.

“The old process required a staff member, warrior and/or caregiver to submit requests to multiple programs individually, which was redundant and time-consuming,” said Robert Gullion, AFW2 top cover section lead. “The new process will help streamline, and hopefully eliminate, the need for multiple requests for information and referrals from the different programs.”

The new process was a collaboration from AFW2 leadership, program managers, recovery care coordinators, non-medical case managers and some wounded warriors. Having so many people play a role ensured nothing would be missed. The form can also be used to refer an Airman or Guardian, or just gain more knowledge of the program as a whole.

 Accessing the new form is simple, just click here for the link. Once it populates, the warrior, or caregiver, will fill out the form with all of the information they want, or need, from the multiple support programs within AFW2. When it’s submitted, each program manager gets a notification and will connect with the warrior or caregiver personally to get them the information they requested.

If you have any questions regarding the new form, please reach out to your recovery care coordinator or send an email to AFW2 looks forward to hearing from you.