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  • Working at remaining resilient during the holidays

    Holidays are a time for traveling and preparing to spend time with families. This can be an exciting time, especially since COVID-19 has been keeping families apart, but for some, this is can be a really hard time to cope with since many may not be surrounded by loved ones.

  • AFW2 expands social connections

    The pandemic highlighted the need to feel more connected, as people tend to feel isolated with various restrictions in place. Along with restrictions, warriors within the AFW2 program can sometimes already feel alone due to their trauma and recovery journey. With this challenge in mind, the

  • New processes happening at AFW2

    The Air Force Wounded Warrior, or AFW2, Program is always looking for new ways to keep up with the world, expand and improve current processes to ensure they meet the needs of their warriors and caregivers.

  • AFW2 behind the scenes: Celebrating the Month of the Military Caregiver

    Who is an AFW2 Caregiver?  An AFW2 Caregiver is a person who provides daily support in some fashion to a wounded, ill or injured Airman in an effort to sustain a healthy, resilient, and rewarding life as they navigate the continuum of care (examples; spouse, mother, father, uncle, aunt, friend, or

  • Air Force Wounded Warrior program serves injured and ill Airmen

    No other time than during the current pandemic has the Air Force’s mental health, family advocacy, and other support programs been so important. One program – the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program – has been essential in providing wounded, ill, and injured Airmen a place to turn for assistance.